UK Exclusive | Invest in the world leader in solar energy

For the first time in the UK, Experience International clients can invest in the “world leader in solar energy” (as featured on the BBC) with 20 years minimum guaranteed income and net income of €21,501 in Year 1

Thomas Edison – inventor of the electric light bulb said:

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

We haven’t reached this critical point yet but how long will it be?

Sourcing green, renewable and efficient energy is the great political and environmental challenge of the 21st century. Solar energy has come of age since the German government and European Union set aggressive targets to raise the use of renewable sources to 20% of total consumption requirements by the year 2010.

“Germany is the world leader in solar energy: building power stations across the country, developing the technology and manufacturing solar panels.”

BBC Radio 4, 2008

Solar energy can be used to make electricity through a process called photovoltaic (PV) which uses solar cells or solar photovoltaic modules to convert sunlight into electricity. The manufacture of photovoltaic cells has expanded dramatically in recent years, increasing by an average of 48% each year since 2002, making it the world’s fastest-growing energy technology with every increasing efficient levels.

“Analysts estimate the country [Germany] accounts for at least 50 percent of the worldwide photovoltaic market”

Reuters, 2010

To ensure that Utility companies will remain profitable, the German Government have made it law that all utility companies will be able to buy electricity produced by solar systems at a price fixed for 20 years – a “feed-in tariff”. However this tariff is being cut by 16% on 1st June 2010 – making investment in this green energy before that date extremely attractive.

Highlights of this alternative energy investment if commitment is made before 1st June:

20 years guaranteed income backed by the German Government
Only €50,000 minimum investment*
Net income in year 1 of €21,501
Return on investment is 17% net in years 1-20
Investment paid back within 6 years on net income alone
Panel have a +35 years lifespan
Through your investment, PV solar panels will be purchased and installed on rooftops in key strategic locations selected to maximise sun hours and hence electricity production.

For more information please contact experience International on 0207 321 5858 or visit http://www.experience-international.com/country/socially-responsible-investments.

*Тhe minimum investment is 50,000 Euros; with 90% finance this brings the minimum project size to 500,000 Euros. German Banks are offering 90% non-recourse financing to non-German individuals who set up a German company (Gmbh).